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What Metropolitan Do I Have?

Metropolitan Data Plate - NewUse this guideline to assist you in identifying the correct model of your Metropolitan. Over the years, many a Met has been modified with non-original parts making identification somewhat challenging. Even data plates have been changed out.

To make matters worse, during production of these fine vehicles, 'running' changes were made during a year, not 'model' changes at year end.

One Color Exterior Two Color Exterior
with chrome horizontal strip
Series: I II III IV
Engine: A40 Pre-B 1200
1G Prefix
B Series 1200
2G Prefix
1H-low compression
15ANH/CNH/ or FNH - high compression
15A/C/F & H - high compression
Chassis No. 1001 to E11000 E11001 to E21007 E21008 to E58619 E58620 to E95592
Body No.

The Metropolitan body was manufactured by Fisher & Ludlow. Sequential numbers were stamped onto the bodies. Then, the bodies were transported by lorry to Longbridge (Austin plant) and placed on production line. At the end of the line the Fisher & Ludlow body number was stamped onto the data plate. This is NOT the Chassis No. which was assigned by Austin and stamped on its own aluminum data plate. Body and Chassis numbers rarely coincide. 

Model No. 541 - Convertible
542 - Hardtop
Bonnet has hood scoop; no side moulding.
561- Convertible
562 - Hardtop
 Stainless steel side moulding. No hood scoop.
561 - Convertible
562 - Hardtop
Stainless side moulding, vent windows, external trunk lid.
Trim No. T1
Black, beige, yellow (Bedford) stripe pattern with beige vinyl and cream escutcheons.
Black & White Hounds-tooth pattern with black and white vinyl trim; black escutcheons.
Black Diamond pattern with black and white vinyl trim; black escutcheons.
Paint No. Spruce Green P903
Canyon Rd P904
Caribbean Blue P905
Croton Green P906
Mist Gray P907
Snowberry White P909 (to E35809)
Sunburst Yellow P910 (to E45546)
Coral Red P911
(to E35809)
    Berkshire Green P912 (from E23545)
Mardi Gras Red P913 (from E23545)
Frost White P914 (from E35810)
Autumn Yellow P915 (from E45547)

Nash Kelvinator started production of the Nash Metropolitan in late 1953 manufactured in England by Austin Motor Co. The first Nash Met arrived in March 1954. By May 1954, Nash merged with Hudson creating American Motors Corp. (AMC). Some Mets were badged as "Hudson" and sold through Hudson dealers.

American Motors Corp.

By Nov. 1954, new production Metropolitans were sold as 1955 AMC with the B series 1200 engine.

American Motors Corp.

December 1955 to December 1959

American Motors Corp.

January 1959 - March 1961

  Note: During the time of Metropolitan production, imported cars were titled at the time of sale, unlike American vehicles which were titled by model year.
  Running Production Changes Production Numbers by Year

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